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Welcome to the official website of Tzu3D, A 3D engine developed by an enthusiast programmer, using modern developments in 3D programming. Tzu3D has been designed to meet the needs of VB.NET developers for video game development, 2D and 3D prototyping, as well as for use in design applications. The Tzu3D rendering engine revolutionizes the development of 3D applications for VB.NET using DirectX11, an advanced graphics API, allowing developers to utilize the graphical power of modern GPUs. This enables the creation of interactive applications, simulations, and video games with stunning graphics, high-resolution textures, and advanced lighting effects. The Assimp library allows for smooth importation of various 3D file formats. Integration of the Bepu Physics engine allows for the realistic simulation of movements and physical interactions between objects. Additionally, Tzu3D’s music and sound effect management offers a immersive ambiance for high-quality user experience. Tzu3D’s modularity enables it to be adapted to specific project needs by providing multithread compatibility to improve performance. With Tzu3D, 3D application development is easier and more intuitive than ever, allowing VB.NET developers to quickly realize their 3D project ideas without sacrificing the quality of the user experience. We are confident that Tzu3D is a rendering engine that offers all the necessary features for the creation of quality applications for those who want to use Visual Basic.NET for their creative 3D ideas. Contact us for more information about Tzu3D, and take your 3D development to the next level.

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